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Tanner Wozniak

Tanner Wozniak
Class of 2011


What They're Saying About Tanner:


Battle for best basketabll player:

Steve Willis – former Nebraska Cornhuskers PG
“Tanner is definitely a DI player and can flat out score, has a sweet stroke, and with his size (6’-5” SG/PG) can score just about anywhere. Tanner looks like a European player in the making.”

Florida Hoops - 2010

“6'5” guard Tanner Wozniak (Keswick Christian - St. Petersburg), another college prospect with a great feel for the game, Tanner has the ability to create his own offense off the dribble and knock shots down from the perimeter. His length and size at the guard position is a big asset and should help elevate his recruitment level as the offseason continues.”


  Robert Sumpter

Robert Sumpter – National Scouting Services, Florida Prospect
“Tanner Wozniak is one of the most skilled players in the state. He has the ability to beat you inside and out and his basketball I.Q. is second to none.”


Ron Brown – Professional Trainer, Former College Player and Coach
“Tanner Wozniak is the best offensive player in the area; because he can hit threes, drain pull-ups, swish floaters and take it to the hole with authority. His skill set is diverse; because he comes off picks and screens very well, can go equally strong left or right, and he knows how to use the glass efficiently. Tanner also has a strong level of tenacity. If one option isn’t available, he doesn’t quit. He attacks with passion and will not be denied! If a team brings multiple players, his ability to find the open man is instant.”


Rick Staudt – Florida Hoops Recruiting Coordinator & Senior Columnist
“Wozniak is still growing at 6’4. He has a high basketball IQ, is very unselfish, and is a great shooter”


Eric Wallace – Recruiting Analyst and contributor to
“Tanner is a highly skilled, versatile, intriguing college prospect. In addition to his ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter and to make plays off the bounce, Tanner has a great feel for the game and makes his teammates better. His size and length give him the ability to guard quicker players and to be an asset on the defensive end. Tanner’s commitment to academics and a great work ethic makes him a promising prospect at the next level.”


Ron Brown – Professional Trainer, Former College Coach and Player
“The nets were getting scorched by the amazing shooting of Tanner Wozniak. Tanner is much taller and thicker than last season, and when he wants to score; it is really a tough assignment to shut him down. Tanner has size, speed, quickness, an outside, pull-up and dribble penetration game that reveals true versatility. He knows how to put his shoulder into your sternum and power you down or blow past you like a sidewalk pole. Tanner’s playmaking is much stronger now, so if you can finish; he can and will give you the pass, but it is often rifling through the air, so you had better be ready. Scouts are already tracking the soph at Keswick Christian.”

“Tanner Wozniak is the best big guard I have seen and worked with in Pinellas County. Next year's junior (2011) is blessed with very good height at 6'4" and a strong athletic body. His hands are extremely soft and his jumper is buttery smooth as the ball usually nestles gently into the net. He constantly is getting the shooter's soft bounce as the ball hangs on the rim for those extra makes.”

“Tanner's unique strength is his diversity of offensive skills. He has an excellent perimeter shot and possesses a very soft floater with good hang time and technique. He is ambidextrous and drives with authority, tenacity and a wide variety of Superstar Signature Moves. The Keswick star can hit the mid-range jumper, score off picks and screens, accumulate points with step backs, flairs, fades, give and goes, and post-ups.”

“Tanner has a certain fierceness and tenacity when he is challenged that makes him a very hard stop. He has enough ability, experience and skill to be a relentless scorer with enough vision to find a teammate when double and triple teams come.”

“The four-star rated guard will go D1. The question will be how high.”



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